Sanders Campaign Bogus Momentum Claims

Despite the Sanders campaign's desperate claims of momentum, as former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe blogged recently, "Hillary Clinton has strengthened her hold on the nomination in the most recent contests. Because for every state that holds a contest, more delegates come off the board, and the percentage of remaining delegates Sanders has to win grows larger."

In a recent post at Plouffe notes that in 2008 Obama held an "all but insurmountable" delegate lead, similar to Clinton's in the current contest. Obama then lost 6 of the last 9 primary contests, but went on to win the nomination, and the presidency.

Hillary is going to lose "a bunch" of states to Sanders in the remaining primaries, but "I believe Hillary Clinton has zero chance of not being the Democratic nominee," Plouffe writes.

Meanwhile, the Sanders campaign apparently cooperated with what Democratic strategist Joe Trippi called a post mortem, published April 3 in the NY Times. With quotes from Sanders' wife and adviser Tad Devine, among others, the article seemed to acknowledge that Sanders knew he had lost the primary after losing the Nevada caucuses.

Summarizing the current state of the Democratic campaign, an Associated Press headline declares this morningClinton Maintains Strong Lead in Delegate Count.