Republicans Choose World Lap Dance Capital for 2012 Convention

Politico's Ben Smith noted yesterday that Tampa, FL, site of the 2012 Republican Presidential Convention, has been called the "lap dance capital of the world." The city is home to 56 "adult-oriented" clubs, and three of the four agencies in the US that book featured erotic dancers.

The city is an interesting choice given the recent firing of two Republican National Committee (RNC) staffers over a $1,946.25 expense item for a party at a lesbian bondage club in LA. Possibly the RNC regards lap dances as more traditional, and hence potentially more acceptable to the social conservative wing of the Republican party.

Of course the veneer of social conservatism has often proven to hide a wild side, as was evidenced recently in the report that George Alan Rekers, prominent anti-gay activist and cofounder of the conservative Family Research Council spent 10 days in Europe with a male escort who advertises on

Stay tuned; should be fun.