Guy Fawkes, Republican Hero?

Guy Fawkes was a 17th-century British soldier who spent ten years fighting for the Spanish Catholics in the Netherlands. During that time he became an explosives expert. In 1604 Catholic hopes for greater tolerance in the UK, and relief from the strictures established under Queen Elizabeth, were ended at a conference at Hampton Court. In 1605 Fawkes became part of a plot to kill King James I, his family and members of the government by blowing up Westminster Place at the opening of Parliament. The plot was foiled by an anonymous tip; Fawkes was arrested, but November 5 has been celebrated in the UK ever since as "Guy Fawkes Day."

The Republican Governor's Association (RGA) has now apparently, and inexplicably, adopted the symbolism of this historic terrorist plot as a rallying point.

In a new video that is not being made publicly available, President Obama is cast in the role of King James, the Democratic leadership as Parliament, and the Republican Party as the oppressed Catholics.

Why the RGA would want to be associated with a terrorist plot intended to assassinate the head of state, inflict mass casualties, and bring down the government is not clear. It's consistent with the tone of violence among Republicans in Congress that we've noted elsewhere, but represents a considerable escalation. And it's disturbing, to say the least.