Peter Dreier's Post-election Analysis

Writing on the Chicago Reader blog, Michael Miner posts an analysis of the midterm election by Peter Dreier of Occidental College.

Dreier's key points:

  • The US Chamber of Commerce has pledged to obstruct any attempts at government regulation. ANY. Presumably that includes consumer protection, the kind of irresponsible financial risk-taking that nearly led to a banking system meltdown, food safety, etc. Moreover, the Chamber has played a key role in funneling money to TV ads attacking Democrats, aided by the Roberts' court "Citizens United" ruling making it possible for corporations to donate anonymously to political campaigns.
  • In this election, Republicans expressed their frustrations by voting, while Democrats expressed their frustrations by not voting. As Dreier says, "Another word for what Democrats did is: 'self-defeating.'"
  • Dreier urges Obama and Democrats to publicize their legislative successes, communicate clearly that the Republicans are the party more closely allied with Wall Street and corporate America, and take a lesson from FDR in confronting the forces of hate arrayed against them. "Never before have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today," FDR declared during his re-election campaign. "They are unanimous in their hate for me — and I welcome their hatred." FDR, Dreier notes, won in a landslide.

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