Goodbye and Good Riddance

With George Bush back in Texas (for good, by his own admission) The Dubya Report's mission is changing slightly, to monitor the conservative movement and its paradoxical efforts to reach Karl Rove's "permanent majority" in the face of egregious evidence that its ideology has failed. Of course we'll still keep an eye on the fallout from one of the most disastrous presidencies in history.

Returning visitors will notice a few changes in our appearance. We're now powered by the Drupal content management system. Many of the familiar features are still available, either from the menu at the left or the right. And as you can see, the search facility has been moved to the home page.We'll be making more changes over the next few weeks.

So to new visitors, welcome; to returning visitors, welcome back; and we hope you'll keep coming back for the news, analysis and commentary you've come to expect from The Dubya Report.