Newsweek poll: Democrats close 'enthusiasm gap'

In results substantially simlar to their poll from the end of September, a Newsweek poll conducted October 20-21 finds 48% of registered voters more likely to vote for Democrats, compared to 42% more likely to vote for Republicans.

Other key findings:

  • A small plurality of those surveyed preferred that Democrats retain control of Congress.
  • Obama's approval rating jumped from 48% in late September to 54%.
  • 69% of self-identified Republicans reported having given a lot or some thought to the election, compared to 62% of Democrats

Pollster Larry Hugick says that while Republicans are still likely to come out on top on Nov. 2, the results of the new poll show it might not be the runaway domination some commenters have suggested. “The idea that the Democrats are just going to sit this one out doesn’t seem very likely,” he says. “While there’s no question that Republicans are going to pick up seats, the question is how many.”